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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible byconstellation energy group] captioned by thenational captioning institute-- tv 11.are watching wbal >> live, lal, late-breaking -- this is 11 news at noon. >> we must be clear, there are no winners.
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this has inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. president thanked responsible lawmakers for getting a deal done, calling the shutdown and debt crisis twin threats. -sarah caldwell. the government is open for business and workers are back to work. after a 16-they shut down, there is little time to rest. -- isle leigh is on deck on capitol hill. >> good afternoon. capitol hill is bustling now that federal workers are on the job, but nobody is ready to rest because the solution was a temporary fix. >> it was a celebration as vice pasident joe biden thanked e employees returning back to work.
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the agriculture secretary made an effort. his employees are happy to be back, but frustrated. >> this is not a game. capital resumed at the and park rangers lifted derek haynes international memorials just in time for a group of students visiting from minnesota. >> we are thrilled. >> relief could be short-lived, extending the government for three more months. president obama expressed hope for the days ahead. >> let's work together to make government work better, instead of treating it like an enemy, or purposely making it work worse. met about a long- term fix. >> we believe there is common ground. >> we are going about regular order. >> the cost was $24 billion.
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there is a december deadline for a more prominent budget. .> thank u with the latest government crisis coming to an end, marylanders are sounding off about the bitter taste left behind by the shutdown. jennifer franciotti reports on the backlash lawmakers can expect. >> 81 -- >> when asked how concerned are you about the shutdown on the said we were80% worried. gibsonection time, larry says voters will remember the shutdown. things,s forget some but things that threaten social security checks, they will remember. things that threaten veterans benefits and fundamental gornmental resources -- folks will remember. when it comes to the affordable
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care act, the gonzales poll shows 57% of marylanders are in favor of the plan. 58% of marylanders approval of the job the president is doing, a 6% drop from the first nine months. governor martin o'malley disapproval rate went down by the same amount. he has a 48% approval rating. as a democratic candidate for favoror, 47% of voters the lieutenant governor. if the election were held today, 41% say they would vote the brown /allman ticket. jennifer franciotti, tv 11 news. >> it is crowd -- cloudy across the region. we have some sprinkles to the west of us. north of cockeysville, some
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light rain. the better half of the rain is moving out of ohio, into west virginia, ahead of a cold front that will make its way into the region tonight. 72 at the airport area highs will be -- airport. 74.s will be around a cold front will come through tonight. it is not the only cold front coming through. >> thank you. baltimore city police confirmed the suspect involved in the wednesday night police-involved shooting has died. deantives pulled over sean near shannon drive and mannasota avenue and at some point they say he took off, dragging a responding officer more than two blocks. he was able to fire his service weapon and is now requiring -- recovering at home. the police will hold a press conference and we will bring that to you tonight.
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city police are investigating another homicide along reisterstown road, responding to the 5500 block around 12:45 this morning where they found frank harper shot in the stomach. police are currently interviewing a person of interest. we are monitoring the trial of city police officer william kern , who broke into tears on the stand. he expressed concerns about security at the facility where he shot a police recruit. -- thatfied immediately he knew immediately that he accidentally fired his service weapon rather than the training weapon. the defense played the 911 calls that followed the shooting. you can see david collins report tonight. no there for the man charged ricktrying to kidnap vi and.
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was able to scare him away by setting off her car alarm, and police arrested him a few hours later. we are told nobody was injured, believe heice do not was connected to her mysterious kidnapping 18 months ago. baltimore county police do not asked -- suspect foul play in the discovery of a body in hunt valley. an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. ravenshead, 10 lucky fans are preparing for the trip of a lifetime. how dare non-winning -- how their non-winning maryland lottery tickets turned into a prize money cannot buy. a discovery of astronomical proportions. where scientists from the media
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where scientists from the media righ today, with more ways than ever to experience the moments that transform our lives, americans still choose broadcast television and radio more than all other media combined.
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o0 c1 good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> how are you doing? returnse]>> basketball to baltimore for tonight with the new york knicks elena washington wizards. the matchup -- playing the
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washington wizards. the matchup features carmelo anthony. it commemorates the washington wizards 50th anniversary. city mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will be in the crowd and she says she would like to see baltimore get a professional basketball team in the future. lucky ravens fans are gearing up for the trip of a lifetime. and lucky winners -- 10 lucky winners turned in non-winning lottery tickets for us chance to fly with the reigning super bowl champions. they get to take a guest, eat with the team, and meet the players. for the lucky winners, it is a prize better than cash. >> it is overwhelming, a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> i guess i am kind of lucky.
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i beat cancer. i am living on top of the world. >> this is the fifth year the maryland lottery has teamed up with the ravens for these kind of contest. somebody will win season tickets for 20 years. still ahead, dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your have questions. -- pat questions. >> rain is on the way. we will track the cool front for you. your 11 insta weather forecast is moments away.
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beliesian scientists they found part of the massive meteor that blazed across the sky. it was discovered at the bottom of a lake. struck with the force of a nuclear bomb, streaking across the sky in february, a meteor the size of a house shattering windows and houses in central russia. buildings damaged. roofs caved in. 1600 people injured. the giant rock was found at the bottom of a lake. a metal sheet was use to drag the rock from 40 feet down. revealed a crust formed
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through friction. it is beautiful, gorgeous, says the man behind the operation, and very, very heavy. they tried to way it and it broke the scales. the complete meteor is thought to be 10,000 tons. one is sofirst time large has been found and recovered. understanding meteors has been crucial. the london museum has been studying for hundreds of years. texas is one of the first meteorites that we have ever studied. >> this one slammed into russia without warning. we do not know when or where the next meteor might hit. to first test will be establish this really is a fragment othat meteor. while it was difficult to recover, it is no bad thing that it landed in that link.
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>> fascinating. a house explosion injures two people overnight in arizona. fire officials say the victims sustained serious burns over most of their bodies and are in critical conditions. explosion wasthe so violent, it felt like an earthquake. it remains under investigation. in a few hours to get a better look at what winter could have in store with the national oceanic and atmospheric organization announcing its outlook. us to talk about the forecast. hard to think about winter in the 60's and 70.
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>> it is feeling good. have some moderate showers ahead of the front moving into the area right now. we see the light precipitation just to the west of us. along, you can see the front just outside of the west virginia area, it will be moving into our region around 11:00 p.m. tonight, maybe around midnight. expect rain. we have several fronts behind it . we will see one saturday and tuesday. we have some flood advisories in effect covering the eastern shore and parts of annapolis. there will be a small craft except -- advisory. we could see stronger tides. high tide is at 6:21 p.m. outside, you would think it was spring. 72 downtown. 72 at the airport. 69 in ocean city.
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here are the weather headlines -- the best time to see the rain would be between now and 11:00 p.m.. showers- also, light associated with this front and it will be cooler in the coming days. mostly cloudy today with highs between 69 and 70. temperatures stay in the mid 70's throughout the afternoon. here is how it looks hour by hour. 3:00 p.m., more clouds. the better time to see the sprinkles will be as the front gets closer. this is 5:00 p.m.. 8:30 p.m., light showers pushed in, and 10:30 p.m., the best chance of rain moving into the region as the front pushes its
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way in and cools the soft to the 60's for tomorrow. we have your ravens football game coming up. we could see anywhere to attempt of one inch width -- 1/10 of one inch and we could see cooler weather as the game goes on in pittsburgh. ravens taking on the steelers -- partly cloudy. we of course are wishing them good luck in here are the next several days. 67 saturday with another rain chance. low and made 60 monday and tuesday. lowsdnesday with overnight in the upper-40's and 30's as well. >> dr. kim hammond from the falls road animal hospital is here with teddy. he looks friendly.
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>> really friendly. a cross between crazy and love. >> thank you for being here. several questions -- my cat is two years old and i never got him many shots. if he is an indoor cat, is there a medical reason to get other shots? >> in terms of rabies, yes. person is asking is if the cap does not have exposure, how could it get sick? we do not know about the exposures. , there is ae a pet minimal, but social responsibility -- vaccine, proper nutrition and housing. the vaccines are one every three years. what is the big deal? malehave been -- i have a
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cat that looks like he is having trouble urinating. >> ron, do not walk to the veterinarian. if he is training in the letterbox, he cap -- litter boxes, these blockages could kill a cat very quickly. go to your veterinarian. many times you can treat it with just proper diet. >> one more, i dog is 10 years old, has never been aggressive, but recently bit off the tip of my finger. should i be concerned about future incidents? would you be concerned? >> yeah, your finger wasn't it off. off.hould -- was bit you should be concerned. if your dog has bitten you, it is not a great dog to have. >> there is a public. thank you.
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-- problem. thank you. you have been so well behaved. coming up next to me your maryland lottery numbers and another check of the insta weather plus forecast, but first, a look at the primetime lineup on wbal tv and how wall street is performing.
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>> time now for your maryland numbers.ake day >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. your afternoon numbers are 6, as printed on the ball. 3. 9. 639. play scratch off, and you can double your reward points on all
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non-winning ticket. the drawings commander is set. ,2,r pick four numbers are 7 9, as printed on the ball, and 0. -- the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> mary is back, looking at the weekend. >> it looks like we will have shower chances and it will be cooler. highs around 73 today. 67 tomorrow. sunday and 60's monday. a third makes -- cold front makes its way across the region tuesday. >> looking like fall.
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thank you for joining us. .> be sure to watch tonight have a great day.
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